Proposal for School Visits

Vicki Chandler, Author of Heart Eyes: Beth and the Bullies
Here are some specific suggestions:

Note: Can be customized to meet your current needs.

1. Library book reading and signing:

When students visit the school library during their scheduled time for library, they’ll hear Heart Eyes: Beth and the Bullies read by the author. After the reading: discussion generated by the follow-up discussions included in the book, explanation of the process involved in writing a picture book, etc.

Students who pre-purchased a book will get their books signed.

2. Classroom (grades 2-4) visit with a specific goal/topic:

  • Empowering Bystanders/Developing Heart Eyes:
    ⇒Address victims: Explore how to develop detective skills ("I spy someone who is ignored… spy someone who is teased…)
    ⇒Address bystanders: Explain how bystanders feel.
    ⇒Address empowerment: Describe how a student with heart eyes interacts with others and chooses friends
    ⇒Have students create their own mini booklet ("What I Will Do To Prevent Bullying")
  • Literature: Connect to Common Core Standards
    ⇒Use Heart Eyes: Beth and the Bullies to reinforce reading comprehension goals.

  • Writer’s Workshop
    ⇒The process of writing a picture book story
    ⇒Improving the Craft: Show and Not Tell (including a reading of the book Rocket Writes a Story by Tad Hills)
  • Brainstorming Session: students practice brainstorming solutions to specific scenarios (bullying at recess, on the bus, in lunch, in the hallway, at sports, etc.)
  • Sensitivity experiences: ‘Different Ways of Living’ (build compassion)
    (Provide handouts for teachers for follow up with students)

2.  Assembly: Bullying

  • Incorporates a marionette and the picture book
  • Leave a packet for teacher (activities related to bullying)
  • Book signing before and/or after the assembly

3. Teacher training: practical suggestions and teacher-friendly resources related to bully prevention