Meet Vicki Chandler

What Most People Know:

About Vicki’s Training

  • BS degrees in elementary education and in vision
  • M. Ed. In special education
  • Three areas of teaching certification: elementary education, special education, and vision

About Vicki’s Experiences

  • 36 years of experience in education
  • Adjunct professor at Cairn University
  • Special Education – taught learning support, emotional support, vision support, and was the Director of Special Education at the Christian school I helped start
  • Was an Instructional Support Team teacher which involved a process similar to Response to Intervention (RTI was added to the national special education law in 2004 – the New IDEA)
  • School administrator (of a Christian school for 3 yr. old children through 12th graders with an enrollment of  approximately 1,000 students)
  • Second grade – taught 12 yrs.
  • Taught in Christian schools and in public schools

What People With Heart Eyes Know:

About Vicki’s Personal Information

  • Several personal experiences have rounded out Vicki’s training as an educator.  Vicki’s son was identified with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and mental illness, and she has multiple sclerosis. Vicki views those experiences as valuable because they provide great insight into the needs of people living with disabilities.
  • Vicki enjoys photography, especially taking pictures outdoors.
  • Vicki has spunk—playful determination. She helped struggling students like a detective (investigating their strengths, needs, and learning styles) in order to pinpoint successful strategies and to create the optimal learning environment. One of her favorite sayings (from the movie Apollo 13) is, “Failure is not an option!”