Characters: What most Know: What people who have heart eys know:
  • Speaks with a British accent
  • Enjoys gardening with her mum (planting daisies)

Sees others with her heart eyes

  • Is shy (later in series: becomes more confident)
  • Mother works outside the home
  • Gets average grades
  • Short
  • Smiles a lot


  • Runs fast
  • Friends with Shateekwa and Seth
  • Poor
  • Thin
  • Long unkempt hair

Grateful attitude & Loves to read

  • Lives in a home with no heat during the winter
  • No friends, lonely
  • English isn’t his native language (ELL)
  • Has dark hair & up-turned eyes

Is a math whiz & Can speak 2 languages

  • Is shy
  • Friends with other Asian boys in a different class
  • Struggles with math

Draws like an artist & never brags about it

  • Works harder than others for her grades
  • Friends with Sally
  • Goes to the nurse often (@ recess, during gym) to get his inhaler (has asthma)
  • Can’t eat pizza or ice cream (dairy allergy)
  • Shy

Smart: learns with ease, gets all A’s (never brags about it)

Never complains that he can’t have pizza or ice cream

  • Wishes he had more friends
  • Goes camping with his family during the summer
  • Inattentive
  • Has nice clothes

Very creative with computer programs (ppt.)

  • Loses things often
  • Doodles in class (very artistic)
  • Friends with Olivia